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Can I translate notifications?

Yes. You can translate Shopify notifications with LangShop into multiple languages.


From your LangShop admin, go to Translations > Notification Templates.

Choose the type of template (notification) you want to translate. (It can be Emails Templates or Packing Slip Template.)

Click Translate.

You can also submit an order to TextMaster, professional translation agency.

Select translation engine, languages and categories that will partake in the translation process.

Click Translate.

Please wait for the translation process to complete in the background server.

If you don't have notifications available in LangShop admin, you need to edit the default templates, save changes, and refresh the notifications page in LangShop. See all Shopify translation API limitations.


Get to know the app better, learn more about translating notifications.

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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