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How to order translations

LangShop integrates with TextMaster, the professional translation agency platform where you can order translations from native translators and get high-quality texts in different languages for your online store.

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Ordering texts

Agency Translation section


Import translations

Ordering texts

You can order translations in a few clicks. The advantage of translations lies in the quality of texts written by native speakers who bring easy-to-read texts to your international audience.


From your LangShop admin, go to Translations > Products.
It can be any other category for translation.

Select items that you want to order from TextMaster.

Click More actions > Add agency translation.

Select a language and fields for translation.

Click Add to cart.

You can add only one language to cart at a time. The maximum number of products per order should not exceed 200 items per language.

Agency Translation section

When you added products to cart, you can find them in the Agency translation section in the navigation menu. Here, you'll need to describe what type of products you are selling online, what tone of voice you use on your website, etc. Native translator will get this information to better understand the field of your business to bring the best translation result.


Click Proceed to checkout next to the order.
You'll need to go through 3 steps: Cart, Translation preferences and Checkout.

In the cart, you can delete some categories that you don't want to translate. Then, click Next.

In Translation preferences section, choose the Translation level (you can read more about each level and the price rates at the right sidebar menu), select Domain (what products you're selling), specify the Tone of voice and Key objective of the content. You can also leave a comment or message for the agency so they will take into consideration your inquiries.

Click Next to proceed to the checkout. It will take a moment to calculate the number of words and bring the exact quote for the order, including tax, Shopify fee, total number of words, and total amount for the order you need to pay.

When you get a quote and ready to pay, click on a Pay button to pay for the order.

If you are not ready to pay, you can purchase translations later. The drafted order will store in Orders section with the status Unpaid that refers to the payment and Waiting for payment status relates to the order status info.


As soon as you make a successful transaction and pay for the order, the status will automatically change to Paid one and In progress meaning that your data has been sent to the native translators that will take care of your content.

You will have to wait for translations to complete by one of the agents who will be in charge of your order. The average time frames to translate the order vary between 48 to 72 business hours, which stands for 2-3 business days. However, the time always depends on the amount of data and the number of languages you order from the agency.

Also, you will get an email you set in Shopify Settings from LangShop with order details. When the order is ready, you will receive another email notification that your order successfully completed. You will have seven calendar days to review the order and proofread translations.

If you want the translator to edit the content, you can send messages to the Events timeline on the order page.

If you leave new comments to translator in the chat, the time will be reset back to seven days and order status will change to In progress. There is no need to communicate with the agent via email or through the TextMaster website.

When you check the order translations, click Mark as reviewed button on the order page, so the agent will close your order as it is 100% completed. The status will change to paid and completed.

Import translations

Translations will automatically start the import process into the exact language in LangShop. Please wait for the import process to complete in the background server. Later on, you may check the translations in LangShop admin, and how do they display at your storefront.

In case you lost or accidentally remove translations, LangShop back up translations in the Orders section, you can import your data again by clicking the Import again button as many times as necessary.

This is how you can order not only products but any other section like collections, blog posts, pages, legal information, and other data you manage in the store. This way of translation significantly save your time and make your multilingual store looks professional and understandable to international users who make purchases on your website.

Updated on: 01/12/2023

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