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Enterprise plan

The LangShop Enterprise plan is the premium plan for Shopify merchants who have 2+ online stores. This plan includes all services and the individual approach to every Enterprise customer.


All from Advanced :
LangShop Enterprise automatically includes all the features from the LangShop Advanced plan.

Integration with LangShop API

Generate LangShop API key and translate custom text of your app.

Specific financial offers

Choose terms of service that suit your business: custom contracts, specific invoicing, custom payments (net) terms. SLA.

Dedicated support :
Support you've never get before. LangShop team is ready to provide you with the assistance needed. Benefit from onboardng with a specialist, 1-on-1 personal trainings, dedicated account manager, 99% uptime. From translating words to technical issues, LangShop Support and the development team are always at your service.

Updated on: 28/09/2023

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