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Standard plan

The LangShop Advanced plan offers all the necessary tools to manage your multilingual store.


All from Free
The LangShop Standard plan automatically includes all free features from the LangShop Free plan.

Up to 5 additional languages
You can add up to 5 languages on the Standart Plan.

Branding free
Hide LangShop logos and app branding from your storefront.

Unlimited machine translation
You can translate your online store with hundreds of products without limits running the LangShop Standard Plan.

Integration with DeepL & Google API
You will get access to pro translation engines that you can use to translate your Shopify store.

Integration with professional translation agencies
The Standard plan opens up a new tool for Shopify merchants who prefer to order translations from native speakers. The app integrates with TextMaster agency that provides merchants with high-quality translations.

Translate terms and brand names correctly by adding an unlimited number of “Never Translate” and “Always Translate” rules.

Translation analytics
Get the insights and detailed information about all the languages you manage in your Shopify store.

Translation history
You no longer need to purchase the ability to keep the history of your translations. You can have the translation history that keeps all changes and edits you've made with your content.

Translation suggestions
Translation engines will offer you the list of translations for your store's content. Find the best and efficient translation variant that will match your store's content.

Automatic translation for new products & collections

Translate recently added products and collections automatically by turning on Automatic Translation Feature. For Standard plan users 50 new products and 50 new collections are available for auto-translation per month.

Export & import
You can edit translations in a spreadsheet using CSV or PO files.

Third-party app translation
Another tool you can use is to translate third-party apps. LangShop keeps integrating with other apps that support multilingual functionality.

Switcher styles scheme customization
Apply new styles to the language and currency buttons. Customize selectors to match your store design.

Language redirects
Redirect your customers to the language based on your store's language, browser's language, or visitor's country.

Recommendation banner
Create and customize a recommendation banner for customers to manually select what language and currency are the most appropriate for them to continue shopping.

Prioritized support
Get prioritized support from the technical agents who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Updated on: 28/09/2023

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