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Getting Started

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Selecting LangShop plan

Selecting languages

Selecting LangShop plan 👉🏽

As soon as you install LangShop from the Shopify App Store, you need to pick up a plan first that will help you translate your online store. LangShop offers five subscription plans with different features for merchants who want to create and manage a multilingual store on Shopify. The monthly cost of your LangShop plan depends on the plan you choose. You may also purchase an annual subscription and save two months for free. The app charge will be included in your Shopify bill.


Get to know the app better, learn more about LangShop pricing.

Selecting languages 🇩🇪

Select languages from the list into which you want to translate your Online Store.

LangShop supports Shopify translation API. Depending on your Shopify and LangShop plan, you can add different number of languages to your Online Store: 1 additional language for Free and Basic Plan, up to 5 for Standard Plan, and up to 20 languages for Advanced and Enterprise Plans. To check further details regarding Shopify plans and the number of languages you can add to your store, please refer to Shopify Help Center or get in touch with Shopify 24/7 Support.

Click Done.

Now you can set up your multilingual store.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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