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Partners Profile is a section where you can share your personal information such as photo, first and last name, email address, phone number. You can also choose the language for your Partners Dashboard and change the password at any time.

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In the General tab, you can upload a photo for your LangShop Partners account. It is an optional requirement. However, you can delete the avatar at any time by clicking the button `Delete`. Under the initials, there will be the email address you signed up with for LangShop Partners. And, you can leave your phone number to stay in touch with LangShop support.

Preferred language

You can select the preferred language for your Partners Dashboard to easily track your commissions and withdraw referral savings in your native language.


Currently, LangShop Partners is only available in English. LangShop team keeps on working on extending languages for LangShop Partners.


In the Security tab, you can change your password.


From your Profile, open the Security tab > `Change password`.

In the dialog window, fill in a new password.

Under the first field, type your current password.

Create a new password in the second field.

Confirm the new password in the last text field.

Click `Change password`.

Updated on: 24/07/2023

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