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The referral page displays analytics for the total amount of stores that installed LangShop with the unique referral link.

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Referral stores analytics

Referral link

Referral history

Referral stores analytics

The Analytics displays the total number of stores that installed the translation app on their Shopify stores using the referral link.

Partners stores display all stores that install LangShop with the referral link.

Trial display stores with a free trial period and have not yet paid for LangShop a monthly subscription fee.

Active shows the total number of stores that ended up trial period and already paying for the app every month.

Inactive show stores that have already uninstalled the app and do not pay for it each month.

As soon as you signed up for LangShop Partners Affiliate Program, you will get a generic referral link that you can use everywhere to invite users to install LangShop and get your passive income and earned commissions.

You can find your referral link in LangShop Partners > Referral > Referral link.

Referral history

The referral history tracks the dates when Shopify stores install LangShop into their websites from external sources using your referral link.

You can also switch between referral stores (development stores, trial, active, inactive) if you need to find a specific store and get all the details about it.

If you need to export referrals in a CSV file, you can click `Export referrals as CSV` to keep this document on your device.

Updated on: 24/07/2023

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