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Add new languages

You can add additional languages in LangShop to your Shopify store.

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adding new languages

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connecting languages to domains

Adding new languages


From your LangShop admin, go to Settings > Languages.

Click Add language.

Select languages from the list.

You can add one language on Free and Basic plan, up to five different languages if you are on LangShop Standard plan. For LangShop Advanced and Enterprise users, the maximum number of languages is limited to twenty languages.

Choose the translation driver before starting the translation of the store is also available upon adding a new language


Go to Settings
Click on Languages
Add Language

Upon adding the language, the window to choose the translation engine appears:

After choosing the translation engine, languages and categories, click Translate

When you add a new language, you are offered to immediately auto-translate your store into this language.

(Please wait for LangShop to complete translations in the background server)

Or choose PRO translation engines (like DeepL or Google) from dropdown menu and then click on 'Translate')

Publishing languages

By default, new languages will be set as unpublished.


To publish a language, click on it to open a single language page.

Click Publish.

After you publish a new language, you need to connect the language to domain.

Connecting languages to domains

If your Shopify store is on the Shopify plan, the Advanced Shopify plan, or the Shopify Plus plan, then you need to assign newly published languages to a domain in your online store for them to appear on your storefront.

You must complete this task even if you're only using a single domain.


From your Shopify admin, open Settings > Markets.

Open a Primary market.

Go to Domain and languages.

Choose recently added languages that you want associated with that particular domain.

Click Save.

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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