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Adding a language and currency switcher

You can add a language and currency switcher to your online store and allow your international customers to change language and/or currency for convenient shopping on your website.

But first, you need to ensure LangShop app is enabled in App embeds for your current theme.


Stores with 2 and more Markets can’t add LangShop currencies, as Shopify takes currency management via Shopify Markets. It means that the currency switcher is also unavailable in this case. Read more about the language and currency switcher.


From your LangShop admin, go to Settings > Switchers.

At the left sidebar panel, find Language & currency switcher.

If you see Language & country switcher, it means you have more than 2 markets in your store. In this case you can offer visitors to switch language and/or country and allow Shopify to display the currency depending on the Market this country belongs to.

Edit switcher to perfectly match your store's design and custom styles.

Go back and change the switcher status from Visible for admin only to Published.

By default, the switcher has a visible status Visible for admin only, which means customers can't see the language and currency button at your storefront.

Click Save.

In case you add a new language after the switcher has been published, it won't appear in the switcher dropdown until you resave switcher configurations.


LangShop currencies are not available at the checkout page. Shopify is responsible for the output of your store currency at the checkout. If you would like to have a multi-currency checkout in your online store, you can enable Shopify Payments. Our currency button is fully compatible with this feature.

Updated on: 10/05/2024

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