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International domains

You can connect additional languages to a primary domain,, or connect languages to regional domains or subdomains (third-party domains).

For example, you can connect English and French locales to and sell products for the North American market. Meanwhile, (or will display translated content for Spanish-speaking countries.

International domains are not available to stores on the Shopify Lite plan and the Basic Shopify plan.

First, you should add a domain Shopify on the Domains page in your Shopify admin.

When you add a new language in LangShop, it will not connect to any of the existing domains automatically, unfortunately.

You will need to do it within the Markets section in your Shopify admin.


From Shopify admin, go to Settings > Markets.

Open a Primary market.

Go to Languages and domains.

Click Add languages dropdown and choose the languages that you need.

If the language is not connected, you will receive a 404 error on your storefront.

Since Google does not recommend enabling language redirection as it may cause SEO issues, by default, Shopify does not provide any technical ways to switch between the domains.

Avoid automatic redirection based on the user’s perceived language. These redirections could prevent users (and search engines) from viewing all the versions of your site.

For this, LangShop has added Auto detection section that offers to switch between languages and currencies manually based on their browser language or visitor country IP address.

Updated on: 01/12/2023

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