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[Magento] Notifications

Notifications section displays notifications of completed tasks, TextMaster order status updates and other actions you decide to take in LangShop admin. Notifications help to track translations that you completed already.

Check translations notifications

If you decide to launch product translations, you will get the update in Notifications as soon as LangShop auto-translates all items into different (selected) languages.

TextMaster notifications

If you order professional translations from the TextMaster agency, Notifications will be sent with the price successfully calculated in the cart before you can submit the order. You can get new messages from TextMaster when orders are ready, review text translations, and leave comments to the agent who is in charge of your order.

Note: You can check which notifications were already inspected (previewed) by you.

The green mode shows that the notification hasn’t been opened yet.

Just after the notification is opened and read, the mode changes its color to white.

Updated on: 24/07/2023

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