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What is a LangShop Enterprise plan?

"LangShop Enterprise plan is the best solution for those who need a full range of services in one translation app."

The Enterprise plan includes all possible variations of translation you can use for your online store. You can start with manual product editing, automatically translate new collections you add to store, use DeepL or Google pro engines, and keep ordering high-quality translations from native speakers.

The Enterprise plan will be great for entrepreneurs whose markets sell worldwide with revenue and constantly updating their inventory with seasonal products, promos, and sales.

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Get to know the app better, learn more about the Enterprise plan.

This plan has all features you need to create one of the top multilingual stores on the Shopify platform and attract more customers who will appreciate a user-friendly approach.

You can get customizable language buttons, translated checkout, third-party apps, a Home page, and every other word you need to display in another language.

Monitor built-in translation analytics, export localized data for bulk editing, or keep texts as a backup on your device. With the Enterprise plan you can check the whole history of saved translations, change images for different language versions, and much more.

Besides, LangShop will provide you with service terms that suits your business best: sign custom contract, receive invoicing, opt for custom payment (net) terms, etc. The dedicated support included into plan offers onboarding with a specialist, 1-on-1 training upon your request, account manager to help you reach the desired result quickly.

Updated on: 28/09/2023

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