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Export collection translations

You can export collections translations from your LangShop admin to keep them on your local storage as a backup or edit collections translations in bulk using a CSV or PO file.


Export and import translations features are available for Standard and Advanced plans only. Check pricing.

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export collection translations using a bulk action

CSV file overview

PO file overview

Export collection translations using a bulk action


From your LangShop admin, go to the Translations > Collections.

Click More actions > Export.

Select languages that you want to export.

Specify the file format.

Select fields that will participate in the export process.
You can export collections' title, description, image alt, Page title, Meta description, metafields.

Click Export translations.

You will receive an email with the exported file.
You can also download the file from your LangShop admin (Dashboard) > Notifications.
Find the latest information about collection translations export > Click the Download link.

CSV file overview

LangShop CSV file has three columns: location, source, target.

The location column displays your collection id. The source column shows your store language, the target column has translations for the language you exported.

You need to edit only the target column that contains translations.

PO file overview

You can use the POEDIT platform to manage translations. PO editor displays the source column (default data) and the additional language translations you exported through LangShop.

Updated on: 23/11/2023

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