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Translate resource URLs

URLs are one of the factors that can impact your SEO. When it comes to indicating a page as a language variant of the original page, Shopify incorporates a language code into the URL. To enhance your SEO efforts, you can utilize LangShop to translate the URL handles. URL handle is a part of the URL which leads to a specific product, collection, or page on your site.

For example, suppose the English version of a page has the URL In this case, the Spanish version would be, where "es-mx" serves as the language code and "camisa-negra" represents the URL handle.

LangShop allows you to translate URL handles for various resources such as products, collections, blogs, blog posts, and pages. You can translate URL handles manually in the corresponding resource section.


From LangShop admin, go to Translations > Products.

You can also translate URL handles of collections, blogs, blog posts and pages.

Open a product.

From the Markets dropdown, select All supported markets option.

Currently, there’s no possibility to customize translations of URLs for a specific market.

From the Language dropdown, select a language you want to translate URLs into.

Scroll down to URL handle section.

Paste the translation of the URL handle in the right field.

Save changes.

Updated on: 21/08/2023

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