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Translate filters

With LangShop, you can translate filter labels and custom filter values from the Shopify Search & Discovery app - the app to add and customize filters for your store.

Please note that due to Shopify restrictions, certain filter sections may not appear in the translated version of the store. For instance, product type and tag filters are only visible to customers browsing in the store's default language, while vendor filter values will always be based on the store's default language.

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Filter labels translation
Filter values translation

Filter labels translation

Filter labels are essentially descriptive tags or names used to categorize various filtering options on an online store's product listings, catalog or collections. For example, a store that sells clothes can have such filter labels as brand name, price, size, color, etc. LangShop allows you to translate filter labels automatically, manually or via agency translation.


From your LangShop admin, go to Translations > Filters.

From the language dropdown, select a language to translate filter labels into.
Select labels you want to translate and click the Translate button.
You can also order agency translation by clicking More actions > Add agency translation; or manually translate by adding translation to the right filed next to the original text.

In the Translation engine dropdown, select Standard engine for auto-translation.
You can select Google Cloud Translation or DeepL Pro for more advanced translation.
Optionally, specify filters and overwrite existing products.

By checking the button overwrite existing translations, the app will retranslate texts again. You can skip this box if you previously translated filters.

Click Translate.

Filter values translation

Filter values are the specific options available within a filter label on an online store's product listings, catalog or collections. For example, within the "Color" filter label for a clothing store, filter values could include options like "Red," "Blue," "Green," and so on.

The translation of filter values is based on the translated content for your products and product variants. This means that filter values are automatically generated based on your product translations.

Inconsistent product option translations can lead to multiple filter values for the same product option. In this case, you can overwrite existing translations of the products or manually edit product variants translation.

If you want more control over filter value translations, you can manually edit the translation for individual product variants.

From your LangShop admin, go to Translation > Products.
Select a product.
Scroll down to the Product variants fields and click on the option you want to edit.

From the Language dropdown, select a language.
Insert the translation in the right field next to the original text.

Click Save.

Updated on: 01/12/2023

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